iPhone’s 10th Anniversary: iPhone X

iphone x
iPhone x

This iPhone is different compared to its predecessors. To its specs, designs, and features. Named iPhone X but pronounced iPhone 10. The first thing you see is that the phone is bezel-less, and edge to edge screen making it look more sleek. The new design features a glass “case” that encases the usual aluminum casing. This allows for wireless charging called Airpower. Which is sold separately and we don’t know when its gonna release or how much it will cost. There is also no more Home Button. The button has gone on screen now, meaning that the user will have to swipe up to see and interact with the now virtual button.

This iPhone is the most expensive iPhone yet, priced at $999 for the 64GB model and $1149 for the 256GB model. Being priced so high isn’t just for no reason. This iPhone has more than just a new design. The feature that sticks out is the face recognition. A new security feature that uses the “true depth” camera that shoots about 30,000 infrared dots towards your face and scans your face in 3D. The new face recognition is not only fast in unlocking your phone but its secured against photo hack unlike the Samsung Note 8 and Galaxy S8 who have had incidents with this. Apple claims that Face ID  Other reviewers were pleased with the face recognition saying it was a little bit slower than the touch id but only slightly.

The other part that is impressive is the camera. It improves the already great camera. Something that caught my attention is the OIS helps with shaky hands when taking a picture. The camera moves with the movement with your hand. Now the phone is using telephoto lens that improve on blur-free on optical zoom. Last year the iPhone 7 plus came with the portrait mode gave us amazing pictures with little work.  This year, Apple introduces a new feature called portrait lighting. It can changing the lighting in the background, or add or adjust the lighting to your face making it seem like lights are hitting your face. The camera hasn’t changed the video quality much, it still shoots at 4K but the slow-motion has changed. It can now record at 240 fps in 1080p, the problem of shooting in slow-motion at a lower resolution is now gone. Also having a more new A11 bionic chip lets the camera use it to optimize the setting around the object faster and even before the picture is taken. One thing that Apple did to their front camera something called true depth. Adding this gave the camera Portrait Mode. Now selfie have a blurred background effect making the photo go into “beauty mode”.

Animoji Pcmag
Animoji, Apples new emoji feature

The one thing that Apple released was the Animoji which was a pleasant surprise. The true depth allows the user to make expressions that emoji mirror quite accurately. The camera tracks everything from your mouth to your eyebrow expressions. They may seem silly and not use full, but I think within the year after the release of the iPhone X then some may see that its very fun to use.

iPhone X Specs


  • 5.8 Inch Screen Edge to Edge AMOLED Screen
  • 2436 x 1125 Resolution
  • Glass Encasing Aluminum Casing
  • Dust and Water proof  for 1 meter and 30 minutes
  • Touch ID, Face Recognition


  • 12 MP Front Camera
  • 4K video quality
  • 7 MP Rear Camera
  • Rear Camera Has Portrait Mode
  • Portrait Mode Now Enhanced With Portrait Lighting
  • True Depth Face Mapping Sensors


  • Lasts For 2 More Hours Than The iPhone 7
  • Built In Non-Removable Lithium Battery
  • 21 Hours Of Talk Time
  • 12 Hours of Internet Use
  • 60 Hours of Audio Use
  • Wireless Charging Using AirPower
  • Fast Charging 50% in 30 minutes

    iphone wireless charging CNBC
    AirPower, Apples Wireless charging For iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, And Airpods

Release Date

  • Pre-Order date: Friday, October 27
  • Ships out on: Friday, November 3


  • 64GB iPhone X- $999, £999, and AU$1,579
  • 256GB iPhone X- $1,149, £1,149, and AU$1,829
iphone x colors phonearena
Colors Available For The iPhone X



iPhone Smart Phones


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