Airpods, Easy buy?

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The Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earphones. They work primarily for Apple but work all phones. My first impressions of them is very average. When you look at them you see 2 small plastic earphones that don’t look like they pack any power or bass. While having a very good build quality they don’t have the power that matches the build. You can put them in your pocket with out any worry about them breaking or scratching with anything in your pockets like change or keys. When you use them, don’t expect amazing sound quality with amazing crisp sound, and the bass is better than other model Earpods. That being said they’re not bad at all. Connecting it to your phone is very easy once it’s linked to your phone. Taking it out of its case, automatically connects to the phone via Bluetooth making very easy and hassle free for people on the go.

The sound equability isn’t the best for what you pay for. For the price that you pay for you can get a pair of earphones that are on par for the price you pay. This isn’t the best earphones you can buy but the Apple does try. It lacks the crispness of the instruments and vocals. The bass is where the earphones shine, a little bit. They aren’t harsh to the point where they ruin the song or overshadow it. The design itself have issues too. The Airpods don’t fit perfectly into your ear so you do hear outside noises that wash away your music. When on a phone call the Airpods call quality are amazing too, the user sounds like they are using an actually phone to their face.

One of the best part of the Airpods is how easy it is to connect to your phone through Bluetooth. Once you open the case near the phone, the phones then gets a message to connect instantly. After this the Airpods connect automatically anytime you open the case. The range is impressive too, going from 20-40 feet lets the user be far and have consistent sound quality. Lastly the battery is one the Airpods best attributes. You can get a full charge in just 15 minutes using the case and that can last about 5 hours, which is pretty amazing. Also with the iPhone X coming out soon, Apple plans to release a wireless charging pad for the Airpods.

Overall the Airpods is a great way for Apple to show what they can do for Bluetooth accessories and I hope to see more in the future.

Airpods Macworld


  • Strong, Plastic Build
  • Clean Design
  • Easily Portable


  • Not a very attractive
  • The Case Isn’t Very Durable And The Airpods Fall out Easily

Sound Quality

  • Good Bass That Doesn’t Over Shadow The Music
  • Bluetooth Range Doesn’t affect the Sound quality
  • Call Quality Is Very Impressive


  • Sound Quality Isn’t Very Good
  • Design Of The Airpods Doesn’t Isolate The Music Well
  • You Can Get Better Sounding Quality For The Same Amount Of Money


  • Fast Charging, 15 Minutes For A Full Charge
  • Battery Last For About 5 Hours



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