The Apple Watch Series 3: The Pre-Release Verdict

Watch 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is compatible to new things with its LTE feature. The new compatible things include playing music, receive messages, and receive calls, along with Siri helping you with set reminders, give you directions all without your phone. But there is one problem the watches built-in audio isn’t the best for long phone conversations. There is also a very tiny keypad and shortcuts to favorites, contacts and recent calls. In terms of design, the Series 3 looks like the Series 2, it comes in Aluminium, Stainless steel or a ceramic finish. Its still rocking the gently-round face in 38mm and 42mm. Its also water resistant up to 50 meters. The circular crown now has a red dot on the center which is the only major add-on to the surface of the watch.

There is also a model of the watch which doesn’t have a LTE feature, only a GPS, so it cant make any calls. Also this model wont have a red dot on the crown.

The difference isn’t the only thing improved. Under the hood, the watch has a eSIM that is one-hundredths the size of a standard sized SIM card along with an LTE radio. There is also a new wireless chip that speeds up the Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth efficiency. Apple promises that the Series 3 is 70% faster than the Series 2 which was already pretty fast. The battery life may be a issue with some people. Apple said that the Series 3 has only one hour of talk time on LTE. A problem with this watch is that the watch has times where the LTE would have a hard time connecting to LTE, or connect to random Wi-Fi signals.

The watch also has a barometric altimeter which helps track elevation during workouts. A heart rate monitor to help keep track of the heart rhythm to help you if you have irregular heartbeats. Another feature is the Gym Connect, this will connect the watch to gym machines to help you with workout data. How many steps you’ve gone or how high you’ve been are part of the Fit feature of the watch.


Prices vary based on style, size and band style.



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