The Pebble Time Smart Watch: The Last Generation Of Pebble Watches

This third Generation Pebble Watch is the most accomplished one to date but its gonna be the last one since the company will not continue production anymore. Compared to other smartwatches the Pebble Time can last several days on one charge while the Apple watch Series 2 can last up to 24 hours. The Pebble adds a colored displayed and allows you to responds to text by speaking into it and respond to text messages. Returning is the instantaneous notifications, a big app store, and all the good features from the older pebbles too. The Pebble isn’t the best smartwatch out there but the for the price, you can’t beat it and its a good step into the world of smartwatches.

pebble 2


The 1.25 inch screen is always on with its LED back lighting, framed with a stainless steel bezel and covered with gorilla glass. The band is a rubber construction, and is really comfortable. You’ll be able to wear it for days without the rubber chafing or irritate your hand. The Screen is itself is easy to read and gives the user a sense of simplicity and familiarity.

The use the watch, you can use the 4 side plastic buttons, along with a microphone for voice replies. The back has 2 magnetic charging port that wont work with old Pebble Chargers. The Watch is also water-resistant up to 98 feet, so you can shower with it, but that it limits, going deeper than that may mess up your microphone and the can pop. If you do and nothing has happened to it then just rinse of the salt water with fresh water.Pebble


Like Pebble watches, this Watch can pair with both Android and Apple devices. To pair with it just pair via Bluetooth and download the app and follow the instructions and you’ll be connected in minutes. Pressing the buttons on the sides activates fun and cheerful animated screen transitions giving the watch life. Notifications are instantaneous. Showing notifications at the same time with your phone. You can easily read text messages and sometimes emails. If you needed to then you reply to that text messages with the voice to text feature. The mic is impressive to. Able to hear my voice on the street with passing cars. Although the voice to text feature is great to respond with, it cant pick up on intonation so you cant respond with any punctuation. Along with this the battery is very impressive, lasting for a couple of days on a single charge.

Pebble-Time-phone-sync digital trends


Using apps on the watch is pretty simple. Download the one you want and add it to the watch. ESPN can deliver game time and scores. The watch doesn’t limit you on just 8 apps, unlike that previous watches. The alarm is very useful to, the alarms vibrations are useful on waking you up and you can set them to repeat automatically.


With the company stopping production the Pebble smartwatch is discounted from $149.99 to $62.95. With that price you cant really go wrong with this watch. From its user friendliness to its long battery life. You can buy the Pebble Time Smartwatch with the link below.




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