The AMIR Clip On Camera Lens: An Easy Way to Upgrade Your Phone Camera


The AMIR Lens is a popular and cheap way to improve your camera phone. It fits about all smartphones and tablet. The 3-in-1 lens kit comes with a Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens, and 0.4X Super Wide Angle Lens. The Fisheye lens allows you to take 180-degrees fields of vision, detailed close ups with the Macro Lens, group selfies with Wide-Angle lens. With all this you can turn your camera phone into a versatile camera.


Below are examples of pictures taken by each lens.

Macro Lens

  • Features: Macro lens can take clear photos of small objects.
  • Magnification: 25X
  • In order to get a stunning effect when using this Macro Lens, you need to place the transparent cap on the surface of object that you want to shoot, make sure you don’t block your light source and keep 1/2″ (13 mm) distance from the shooting object.

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Wide Angle Lens

  • Features: Wide Angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery.
  • Magnification: 0.36X
  • When shooting pictures, it is suggested that the Wide Angle Lens be used in a wide-open area in order to get better photos.

Amir Wide angle camerajabber

Fisheye Lens

  • Features: 180° of the scene can be captured by Fisheye Lens, which takes you into a stunning fantastic world.
  • Magnification: 0.33X
  • Angle: 180°
  • Be sure that the lens is adjusted right in front of the camera lens of your smart phones, avoiding some blurring photos.
amir Fisheye camerajabber



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