3 Reasons To Buy The iPhone X

With the iPhone X launching on November 3 for $1,000. You wonder if its worth buying.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone to have a 5.8 inch screen with ultra slim bezels, OLED screen which will make the colors on the screen pop. This iPhone will have no home button. this hasn’t happened since the first iPhone. Face ID give a new way to unlock your phone and to pay, all with your face. Lastly, the portrait mode is now on the front camera giving you high quality pictures.

  1. The iPhone X has a bigger and better screen

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    The screen is now a 5.8 inch display compared to the iPhone 8/Plus 4.7 and 5.5 inch displayed. The iPhone X is the first iPhone to have an OLED screen which shows more sharp colors and deeper blacks. The iPhone X display can also support HDR, which is a much more noticeable visual difference compared with 4K.


  2. It has a better camera than the iPhone 8

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    iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system has all the same features and specs but can take better selfies than the iPhone 8/Plus. The front-facing camera has 3 exclusive features on it. Selfies now have portrait mode which blurs the backgrounds of the selfies. Portrait lighting is software that lets you remove the backgrounds in your selfies, even after you’ve taken the photo. Lastly Animoji, lets you send animated emojis that can mimic your facial expressions and speak with your voice. The rear cameras can take sharper shots, especially in lower light.

  3. If you wanted to resell the phone, you’ll make money from it

    Since the iPhone X is a higher end version of the iPhone 8/plus, the iPhone X will be a limited release, more people will want to buy them to have the latest phone. You can re-sell the iPhone and make a nice profit off it.



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