Google’s Pixel Buds: Rivaling Apples’s AirPods

Google announced its new line. Like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL or PixelBook Laptop. One of the new products is the Pixel Buds, They’re around the neck wireless earbuds. Since Googles Pixel phone has no headphone jack , so selling a pair of its own wireless headphones makes sense. Being priced at $159, same as AirPods, there’s differences to each of them.



Battery: The Buds have about 5 hours of battery life. They come with carrying case that recharges the buds 4 times. So about 20 hours in total

Fitting: Pixel Buds use a more open-air design than many other small, wireless earbuds. They’ll let you hear more ambient noise, that’s good if you don’t wanna be too isolated but its not good for getting the best maximum sound quality. The Pixel Buds are adjustable, there’s a cloth cord that connects the two earbuds can slide through a loop in each bud to slip onto the folds of your ear.

Controls: On the Buds you can tap to play and pause music, double tap to read out notifications, and more importantly, swipe across them to adjust volume, but only on the right one.


Translation: The Translation feature is probably the most interesting thing about the Buds. Google says that the buds are able to do real time translation, which is a big promise from them. The idea is that you tap and hold the Buds, speak, and then the translated speech will come out of your Pixel phone’s speakers, then the person you’re talking to speaks back into the phone, and you hear them in your native language. Google says the feature supports 40 different languages. Hopefully the Buds can deliver on this feature.

Wires: The Buds are called “wireless” because there is no actual wire connected to the phone, but there is a wire connecting the two earbuds. The wire can be worn around your neck in case you don’t wanna lose them.

business insider

Price: $159 for 3 different colors



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